Google is in the process of creating a legal business agreement that allows competitive revenue-seeking industries to do business together, where everyone “WINS”. All partners will automatically receive a ‘Limited-Partnership-Agreement’, once finalized.

Google International provides the following:

  1. Transparent revenue reporting system in real time.
  2. Two-level ticket-selling commission system.
  3. Full access to appointed auditors of record to all parties.
  4. All parties receive a unique barcode to track revenues.


  1. Total creative control, including all promotional materials.
  2. Total control of concert’s ticket pricing.
  3. Clearly defined promotional commitment from broadcasters.
  4. Total freedom to directly book their own concert schedules.
  5. Ownership of all recorded concerts

BROADCASTERS  Requirements:

  1. All government rules and regulations apply at all times.
  2. Binding agreement on all ticket pricing for every concert.
  3. Total control of all live and pre-recorded concert ticket sales.
  4.  control all broadcasters’ partnerships.
  5. Limited liability to Promotion and Advertising airtime only.

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Media Business Canada (MBC) is a digital place for retired senior executives from Canada’s radio and television industry.

Our goal is how to help broadcasters establish new revenue opportunities for our new Canadian senior broadcasting executives.

We created this MBC website to reflect our goal to establish new revenue opportunities for Canadian broadcasters. We have branded our ‘Master Mind’ thoughts into MBC to help senior media management find their way sooner rather than later.

We begin with finding a need and following it up with a positive solution for all parties involved.

Two research studies, Madison Research Council and the Elliott Research Group, have ignited the interest of our ‘Master Mind Group’. Each study reflects show-going audiences’ overwhelming support for a better way to market tickets in Canada’s live entertainment industry.

MBC is further encouraged by the fact that all Canadian broadcasters will soon be regulated by the CRTC to abide by the new laws covering concert ticket sales in Canada as of the first of July 2021.

You can help prepare for the birth of a new licensed digital communication network (MBC) controlled by the CRTC.

To expand our MBC ‘Master Mind ‘ group, we are inviting Canadian broadcasting leaders to join our group to sit as members of the MBC board of directors or appoint their nominee directors.

For more information, go to our Public Relations page found on this website.

A talented entrepreneur and innovator with many years of experience. During his career, Ed has created and developed a variety of exciting business ventures • In the early 70s, Ed launched Colorview Television and opened 10 Magnavox Home Entertainment Centers across Ontario.

  • Ed successfully launched True Value Computers, and it very quickly became a business success story. After its launch, the company became one of the largest retail computer hardware sales organizations in Canada.
  • Led the marketing and sales launch for a new national
    commercial television network TLN (Shaw) by designing a unique and effective way to target Italian and Hispanic communities.
  • Created and developed a unique marketing strategy for the relaunch of the daily Italian newspaper  Corriere Canadese as Director of Sales and Marketing.
  • It was a result of Ed Ginglo’s advice and business recommendations that Honest Ed’s (Ed Mirvish) launched a television advertising campaign for his world-famous bargain house.
  • Media Business Canada Corporation was created and launched by Ed Ginglo to merge impresarios’/show producers and broadcasters into a business relationship that would target the Canadian live entertainment industry. MBC realized early on that there was a real need to improve how tickets to live concerts and events were sold in the Canadian live entertainment marketplace in the digital age.

The research studies from the Madison Research group and Elliott Research Council reflect show-going audiences’ overwhelming support for a better way to buy tickets in the live Canadian entertainment industry.

Media Business Canada is very grateful to the ‘Mastermind Team’ of accountants, lawyers, digital engineers, broadcasters, and show producers. Their contribution to our digital ‘HUB’ helped us create a better way to serve radio listeners and television viewers.

For more information, please register. Someone from our public relations office will reach out to you.