Registered Entertainment Venues

Welcome to the Media Business Canada (MBC)

Free listing service for all government-licensed entertainment venues. Media Business Canada has developed a digital “HUB” that directs show producers to an accessible introduction service-connected to small and large licensed Canadian entertainment venues across Canada.

The not-for-profit digital listing service makes it easy for producers to communicate directly with every government-licensed entertainment venue in Canada.

The “HUB” is designed to serve Canadian consumers better. The digital “HUB” comprises producers, licensed entertainment venues, and Canadian licensed broadcasters.

Broadcasters provide free advertising for up-and-coming shows. Using our unique digital ticket-selling technology, producers can offer all Canadians access to live entertainment events.

Licensed entertainment venues are asked to register their seating plans with our digital ticket-selling technology team. Event producers have a choice of venues anywhere in Canada. Show producers are provided with a direct link to all licensed entertainment venues. MBC provides an accessible venue introduction and overview for show producers.

Venue owners are invited to register their location to introduce themselves to producers. Get in touch with us to learn more about MBC’s exciting new ticket marketing for show-goers in the Canadian entertainment industry. Introduce your venue to concert producers. Learn more about it by registering on your platform below. Please register to show your support of MCB live entertainment digital ‘HUB”.

Your comments and best wishes can be submitted on ‘Comment” found on our “Public Relations” page.