Media Business. Canada (MBC) introduces show producers/impresarios to a new approach for marketing concert-show tickets for the Canadian entertainment industry in the digital age.

MBC combines show producers with radio and television broadcasters by way of a ‘Limited Partnership Agreement’
There are a number of rules set out in this digital-media partnership agreement based upon a legal trust and trade. Free advertising and promotion by broadcasters, in exchange for 100% exclusive ticket selling rights from the show producer.

MBC is a digital ‘HUB’ that applies its ticket selling software system to its business partners, namely between show producers and broadcasters

MBC s Licensed radio and television broadcasters and independent show producers are both introduced to an exclusive business arrangement in the digital media universe.

MBC’s ‘Limited Partnership Agreement sets out the rules and regulations set out by the Canadian Radio and Television Commission’ (C.R.T.C.) regulating broadcasters. Our partnership agreement is exclusive to our MBC digital ”HUB”.

MBC provides unique digital hyperlinks to every licensed broadcasters regardless on network affiliation This barcode represents a digital gateway to their very own branded ‘Ticket Sales Box Office’. Once mounted on the broadcaster’s website home page, they are immediately linked to their ticket selling software. Broadcasters can earn from 20% to 50% as a ticket selling commission from all their website’s ticket sales boxoffice.

Under the terms of the partnership agreement, Show Producers control:

  • All advertising and promotional materials.
  • All ticket selling prices.
  • Choice of entertainment venues.

Two research studies from the Madison Research Council and the Elliot Research Group, both reflected a strong support for a need to better market ticket sales to Canadian concert goers

Producers are invited to register and learn more details set out in the MBC ‘Limited Psrtnership Agreement’ Free advertising and promotion by broadcasters in exchange for exclusive ticket selling rights from the show’s producers.
(exclusive business place) for broadcasters and show producers.