MediaBusiness.CA; humbly leads broadcasters to nontraditional revenues.

All licensed broadcasters automatically receive a unique digitally programmed barcode.

We are providing broadcasters exclusive ticket selling “Box Office” that follows with a “Limited Partnership Agreement” with concert/showproducers

It is a simple business to business (B&B)
Free advertising and promotion in exchange for exclusive ticket selling rights.

We are working in tandem with a registered licensed stockbroker.  Together we are creating a ‘Founder Shareholder’s Investment Package.’

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All information is exclusive, never to be sold, traded, or used without a separate written release signed by both parties.


Media Business Canada is a ‘Not-For-Profit’ corporation comprised exclusively of all licensed Canadian radio and television broadcasters. Collectively, they introduce a new and exciting “Digital Communication Network’ that better serves their audiences of listeners and viewers. Welcome.

MBC applies all the rules and regulations established by the broadcasters governing body (CRTC). MBC also applies the British Columbia’s Ticket Sales Act passed on the First of July, 2021, and is reflected in the MBC ‘Limited Partnership agreement’ with broadcasters.

MBC is totally controlled by its appointed ‘Board-of-Directors’ all of whom are focused on ‘Growth’. Therefore, the total future and direction is set in place by its board, which is also mandatory to all broadcasters. This also includes all the required funding by broadcasters to make the broadcasters ‘Digital Network’ become a reality.
Each of the ‘Board of Director’ nominees are champions within their own respective industry. Moreover, they are all always thinking of growth within their own industry. Technology over the years changed everything, from how we communicate through news print, radio, television and anow ‘Digital Networking’ and the MBC ‘Digital Network’

All of the Board of Director nominees have contributed in some way to the creation of MBC over the years, having lived/walked in those shoes before.

I am pleased to nominate:
David Mirvish show producer/ or nominee
Edward Rogers broadcaster/ or nominee
Pierre Peladeau Videotron/ or nominee
JR Shaw Corus Media or nominee
Mirko Bibic Bell Media or nominee
Shan Chandrasekar Media / or nominee

More details will be made available as soon as the financial pathway has been decided by the board, set to take place at the first board of directors meeting
To receive progress notices please submit your email address in the ‘Comment’ space provided below.