Promote Live Events and Sell More Tickets

Media Business Canada offers free advertising for shows to attract a bigger audience and boost ticket sales. Producers can rely on us to promote live events on radio and television stations.

You Call the Shots

All production and staging costs are that of the producers. You have total creative control of everything, from the pricing of tickets to the curtain call. Additionally, you create and supply all the promotional materials to broadcasters.

All Parties Benefit

We invite producers to participate under the terms set out in our exclusive limited partnership agreement with Canadian broadcasters. You get free advertising and promotion, and broadcasters receive exclusive ticket selling rights in exchange. For more details about the exclusive ticket selling rights, please get in touch with us.

Ticket Selling Software

Our digital ticket selling software system provides ticket sale revenue reports to producers in real-time. We also submit all federal and provincial entertainment taxes to the government in real-time.

Support Our Company

Are you interested in supporting our application for a digital entertainment network HUB license comprised exclusively of radio and television broadcasters’ websites? Please register with us or get in touch to learn more.
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