Get Exclusive Ticket Selling Rights for Broadcasters in Canada

Media Business Canada is a digital technology company representing the business interests of licensed radio and television broadcasters’ websites. We provide a digital revenue-generating network for national licensed radio and television broadcasters regardless of existing network affiliation.

Creating Win-Win Situations for Everyone

We offer producers an exclusive limited partnership agreement that provides free marketing and advertising through licensed broadcasters. In exchange, Canadian broadcasters receive exclusive ticket selling rights.

Providing Answers to Your Digital Marketing Needs

Media Business Canada offers a complete digital marketing solution for all parties involved, which includes:
  • Producers
  • Broadcasters
  • Audiences
  • Our Digital Ticket
  • Selling Software Technology

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Media Business Canada is a digital technology company, representing the business interests of show producers/impresarios as well as licensed radio and television broadcasters and their websites

MBC has created a new and exciting way for producers to promote their shows and concerts in the digital age. MBC is introducing a “Limited Partnership Agreement”, between Show Producers and Canadian licensed radio and television broadcasters. Under the terms of this exciting new partnership agreement, concert and show producers are entitled to unlimited promotional marketing and advertising of their show from all participating licensed radio and television broadcasters. All in exchange for 100% of all ticket selling rights to the broadcasters.

The objective of this innovative concept to create a better way for the Canadian entertainment industry to serve radio and television listeners and viewers.

MBC provides every broadcaster with a unique digital bar code. Once positioned on their website, this bar code activates their exclusive ticket selling box office/commission account. The broadcaster can receive from 20% up to 50% of the selling price of a ticket as commissions directly from the producers. Research studies conducted by the Madison Research Group and by The Elliott Research Council reflected show goer’s disappointment and frustration with how concert tickets are sold.

Media Business Canada created a digital “HUB” to better serve radio and television audiences in the live concert and entertainment industry. Impresarios and show producers utilizing broadcasters to sell tickets exclusively through their websites.

MBC’S exclusive ticketing software reports ticket revenues in real time to all parties involved. Help support this new digital approach for selling tickets to Canadian concerts and show.

Please register to learn more about broadcasters’ exclusive ticket selling rights and MBC’s Limited Partnership Agreement with concert producers.