Who We Are

Media Business Canada represents a team of digital engineers dedicated to the advancement of licensed radio and television broadcasters and event producers in Canada. We have digitally structured the framework that provides a win-win situation for all parties involved.
As a digital technology company with more than 50 years of industry experience, we help you profit and succeed using innovative solutions in the competitive entertainment industry. We provide non-traditional revenue opportunities to broadcasters and show producers through our exclusive ticket selling software.

Evolving the Way You Sell Tickets

We created the Media Business Canada Paradyme ticket selling business model because we saw the need for a better way to market tickets in the Canadian entertainment industry in this digital age. According to two research studies from the Madison Research Group and the Elliot Research Council, audiences show overwhelming support for improving ticket selling methods.

How It Works

The Media Business Canada digital ticket selling software calculates and posts digital revenue results in real-time to all parties involved. We provide broadcasters with hyperlinks to their own digital website’s ticket sales box office account.
It is up to the broadcaster to drive their audiences to their website and sell tickets for all future entertainment extravaganzas. The broadcasters’ cost for the Media Business Canada ticket selling license is ZERO!
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About Media Business Canada Paradyme

Media Business Canada Paradyme is a digital network created exclusively for impresarios/show producers, broadcasters, and the government. Its services are exclusive to all broadcasters who automatically hold ticket selling rights to all listed productions. The producer always establishes all ticket selling prices.

Get to Know the Owner

Edward Ginglo has been an innovator throughout his entire business life. With hard work and creative thinking, he has accomplished many feats.


  • Launched Colorview Television by opening 10 Magnavox Home Entertainment Centres in Ontario over 3 years in the early ‘70s.
  • Launched True Value computers and became the third-largest retail computer hardware sales organization in Canada over time, behind Dell and Gateway computers.
  • Headed the marketing and sales launch for a new national commercial television network TLN (Telelatino-TV) using a unique marketing approach within the Italian and Spanish communities.
  • Headed the relaunch of marketing and sales for the Italian daily newspaper Corriere Canadese in 1990.
  • First to produce and launch commercial television advertising for Honest Ed Mirvish’s World-Famous Bargain House in 1983.
  • A founding father of Toronto’s Italian Walk of Fame.

Current Undertaking

Today, Ed Ginglo is the founder of an international licensing corporation dedicated to serving broadcasters and concert promoters on a global scale.

Great Minds Working Together

Edward Ginglo’s mastermind group worked together to launch the Media Business Canada Paradyme ticket selling business model for the live entertainment industry. The group consists of the following skilled professionals:
  • A Digital Engineer
  • Accountants
  • Lawyers
  • Broadcasters
  • Producers
  • Government OSC (Ontario Securities Commission)
  • Sales Tax Authorities

Limited Partnership Agreement

Everyone in the Canadian entertainment industry acknowledges that all licensed radio and television broadcasters are controlled by our CRTC government, which includes broadcasters’ websites. We aim to improve these current telecommunications and broadcasting systems using technological advancements.
All licensed CRTC radio and television broadcasters are invited to learn about our limited partnership agreement with show producers, setting out the terms and conditions for exclusive ticket selling rights to each production.

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